Cause and Effect Essays

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Cause and impact essays are concerned with why things occur (causes) and what happens as a result (effect). The focus of these essays is on constructing relationship between cause and impact; what causes sure attitudes, things and then the results or effects that follow. It portrays causes and an evidence as to why sure thing occur concluding its' after effects.

Types of trigger and effect essays

Valuation: Valuation essays focus on issues of worth or worth. This type of trigger/impact essay offers with consequences and infrequently includes essays that discuss the factors resulting in or outcomes/results of a decision.

Example thesis: My teachers at Chattanooga State have pressured me to evaluate my priorities, develop self-self-discipline, and think critically.
Interpretation: Interpretation essays explain the unknown by reference to what's known. This kind of cause/effect essay begins with a recognized trigger and initiatives possible results or begins with a known effect and infers probable causes. The analysis of the causes and results, therefore, are generally speculative.
Example thesis: Total nuclear struggle would destroy trendy civilization.
Evaluation: Evaluation essays break a subject down into its constituent parts for the aim of understanding their operate in relation to the whole. This type of cause/impact essay focuses on the main causes resulting in some effect, the major results of some trigger, or trigger-impact chains as a way to understand the which means of, importance of, or significance of some occasion, prevalence, action, or attitude.
Example thesis: The Civil War had lasting results on the American psyche.
Synthesis: Synthesis essays discover the connections of some subject with a larger context. This sort of cause/effect essay explores the broader implications to be drawn or relevance of the causes and/or effects behind some event, prevalence, action, or attitude.
Example thesis: The army selections and insurance policies which led to 1000's of soldiers suffering months of anguish from Gulf War syndrome reveal the necessity for a Congressional board of inquiry into Pentagon practices.

When writing your essay, maintain the following solutions in thoughts:

  • Remember your purpose. Determine if your are writing to tell or persuade.
  • Focus on immediate and direct causes (or effects.) Limit yourself to causes that are close in time and related, as opposed to distant and oblique causes, which occur later and are associated indirectly. 
  • Strengthen your essay by using supporting evidence. Outline phrases, offer information and statistics, or present examples, anecdotes, or personal observations that help your ideas. 
  • Qualify or restrict your statements about trigger and effect. Except there is clear proof that one occasion is expounded to another, qualify your statements with phrases equivalent to "It appears that the trigger was" or "It appears likely" or "The evidence may indicate" or "Available evidence suggests."

To judge the effectiveness of a cause and effect essay, ask the following questions:
  • What are the causes?
  • What are the results?
  • Which ought to be emphasized?
  • Are there single or multiple causes?
  • Single or a number of results?
  • Is a series response concerned?

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