Dave Grohl within the Minority at This Yr’s Grammy Awards

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There was a time when rock and roll dominated the musical panorama of the United States and the world. That time, however, is now lengthy past. Gone are the days when Pearl Jam and Nirvana, or Led Zeppelin and the Eagles, or the Beatles and the Rolling Stones dominated music with rock and roll lifestyles, actual devices, meaningful lyrics and, to put it bluntly, real talent. Right here seemingly to stay are bands put together by companies, lip-syncing, synthesizers and sampling and a spotlight extra on costumes and makeup and dancers than precise music.

If it looks as if a degradation of the American music scene…nicely, that’s as a result of it is. This yr’s Grammy Awards are an ideal train in the extremes. "Musicians" resembling Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars will be the focus now, but Dave Grohl, formerly the drummer of Nirvana and now frontman for Foo Fighters, can be one of the few representing rock and roll at this year’s Grammys. Famous Grohl, "It feels great to be the guy with grey hair in his beard who continues to be invited to those things. Twenty years in the past, I by no means thought I would actually have a career in music this long." Grohl is forty three years old, sufficiently old to be the daddy of a lot of at this time’s performers.

Is there anybody on the market who Grohl actually likes now? Seems that he’ll be competing with Adele for album of the year, and it's, in truth, Adele who he thinks extremely of. Noted Grohl, "I'm glad that we're with Adele in the same category. It means we have performed one thing right. I believe she gives us all hope. She's made an unbelievable report, and she or he's an incredibly proficient artist, so possibly it is true that the cream actually rises to the top. There's a cause why that report is so (expletive) huge. It is good. It's inspiring when something legitimate gets acknowledged for what it is. It is such a cliche, however it's an enormous achievement to be nominated."

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Revealed: 2/7/2012

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