Emotions As Blocks Or Classes

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There has all the time been a query in my thoughts concerning the use of emotions in achieving enlightenment/self-awareness. It is mentioned that feelings come and go in waves. That often instances we attempt to suppress the adverse feelings like anger, lust, greed, jealousy, concern, unhappiness etc. thereby creating a shadow space in ourselves comprising all of the unaccepted elements of ourselves like the unfavorable emotions. If we have been to permit these feelings to run their course than they might merely go by way of our physique with out leaving any residues. It's in generating/offering resistance to the emotions that we construct the obstacles to the free circulation of vitality in our body. Given that every one feelings are energies of various patterns and wavelengths we only need to offer them free passage to take pleasure in good well being and wellbeing.

To this point, so good. But how does one allow a destructive emotion to experience through with out being adversely affected by it. Say I'm in a scenario the place I feel intensely indignant/lustful/greedy/jealous/fearful/unhappy, permitting the emotion's wave to circulate via I would like to remain conscious that I'm not the emotion. I do not determine with the emotion nor do I deny it. I take responsibility for the emotion acknowledging that it is mine and I can use the energy in the emotion any which manner I want.

Patterns of emotional expression
After all there are cultural definitions to the expression of emotions as for example we generally weep when we are sad or sit with a protracted face, shout or bang doorways after we are offended or cringe and try to cover once we are afraid etc. patterns of expressing emotions tend to run in households since that is where we get our most intense emotional training. There may also be genetic predispositions to certain styles of expression. However feelings come and go in every one. Even perhaps in essentially the most enlightened beings, except I'd think about that they've reached a stage where they experience a relentless movement of different sensations, vitality in a pure form. No labels, no names, which is what feelings are, our perceptions of conditions including our minutest physical sensations.

An example
For instance I see a person throughout the highway it's the next door neighbor, the one I do not like too much. Already the sensations are beginning to get labeled. I faux I've not seen her in order to not should interact with her. I put vitality into looking away. There is a tightening of the abdomen muscular tissues, a rigidity in the brow, all very miniscule, nothing that a passer-by might notice. I barely discover them myself. But it's there, the aversion that I observe so as to avoid an disagreeable interaction. The cumulative effect of those unacknowledged sensations all add as much as give us the dis-eases that we carry. Hence I maintain that each one disease is psycho-somatic.

If I see my subsequent door neighbor and permit myself to satisfy her and study from the occasion, recognizing the truth that she has the flexibility to get my goat, I may maybe greet her in a civil manner. Neither expressing a dislike nor feigning a warmth. I might take heed to what she has to say, with out permitting myself to get hooked into any barbs or taunts she chooses to fling at me, remaining conscious of the sensations that arise and pass to the perfect of my ability.

Or perhaps it's a day when I merely don't wish to meet her and I cross the street aware of the truth that she would possibly take offense however all the while remaining aware of my motivations and taking accountability for my actions. So the following time that I encounter her and he or she questions me about why I crossed the street I can look her in the eye and inform her that it was as a result of I had a heavy day and had not wanted to put any effort into socializing with her, particularly since there are many instances when I find interacting together with her a challenge.

The purpose is after I take accountability I ride the wave of the emotion/sensations somewhat than feeling that I am pushed to behave in a certain way or compelled to do such and such. In the latter case the choice is at all times mine, as far as my actions are concerned. I have no management over what she would possibly say or do and I don't try to have any control over that.

The ever wider circle of accountability
The last statement is a bit gray. I believe that we're ultimately fully liable for our reality. So if my subsequent door neighbor is nasty with me, it is also because I ship out some adverse vibrations in direction of her that she un/consciously reacts to. If I meet her with love and compassion in my coronary heart then there isn't a method that she would fling any taunts or barbs at me. It could be that she serves as a mirror for my insecurities. Perhaps, I'm an unmarried woman living with my male partner. In my tradition this is still a brand new thing. I imagine that her negativity is an indication of her lack of acceptance of my sexuality. She might or could not have these issues but so long as I have these insecurities I'll find somebody or the other (probably her), who displays these back at me as a reminder for me to handle these issues in myself and discover my peace with them. Whether I see the interactions as classes or simply as unpleasant occasions that one has to grit one's teeth and bear, is once more a matter of my selection, acutely aware or otherwise.

Wow that could be a massive fats load to carry. So I am accountable not only for my actions, ideas, emotions and attitudes but additionally for other people's habits! Phew that's huge. No surprise most individuals want to escape into fantasy and make the flicks such massive business. But the truth remains we can not eternally put our heads in the sand. A while or the other we should acknowledge the reality so would possibly as effectively start now. And be gentle with ourselves on this journey. It's in spite of everything a journey of self-acceptance as a lot as of self-consciousness/understanding.

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